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Who is an unemployed individual?

This refers to a individual who is available for and actively searching for work, but has not been able to find work; he or she has not worked for more than one hour within any granted week.

What are the kinds of job loss?

There are mainly three kinds of job loss:

  • Cyclical job loss which happens as a result of a deficiency of aggregate demand and is associated with a fall in the number of jobs. It is very much connected to the business cycle.
  • Functional job loss which is caused by technological alterations which imply that the skills/knowledge of some people have become obsolete.
  • Frictional unemployment which is linked to employees changing jobs and thus does not last for a long time.

What are some of the reasons for job losses?

  • Gender discrimination by some employers may render girls, in particular, jobless.
  • Limited access to learning.
  • Skills gap.
  • Geographical location of the job seekers. 
  • Reduced level of financial activity and low buying power of consumers. 
  • Restricted formal work.
  • Economic decline which may led to downsizing or decrease chartering of new workers.
  • Poor health situation.
  • Political instability.

How can workers help to decrease unemployment? By:

  • Encouraging education and skills development.
  • Starting their own businesses to create more job possibilities.
  • Advising their employer to use labour intensive technology.
  • Asking their employer to provide opportunities for young graduates to do apprenticeships or internships.
  • Paying levies regularly to the government to be utilised in job creation plans.
  • Supporting the development of small businesses.
  • Avoiding discrimination at the workplace.
  • Advising government on interventions that can lead to the decrease of unemployment.

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